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How It Helps

The Chair Caddie eliminates the physical demands caregivers are expected to provide when assisting a seated person up-to the table.


Chair Caddie

With the Chair Caddie, caregivers are able to guide a standing person to a chair, get them seated, and moved up-to the table with ease, grace, and safety.

This eliminates the awkward and dangerous tasks of pushing-pulling-shoving-twisting when moving the seated person up-to the table!

Reduce a standing person’s risk of falling

Reduce the caregiver’s risk of incurring a personal injury

Attaches To Your Chair

The Chair Caddie attaches to the base of a kitchen / dining chair and Eliminates the physical expectation demanded of spouse/caregiver when moving a seated person up-to the table!

How It All Started

Several years ago my uncle asked me why it was that he could not enjoy a meal at the kitchen table with his wife

Prevents Falls and Reduces Injuries

Eliminates Table Interference

Live @ Home Longer

The Chair Caddie prevents falls.

The Chair Caddie reduces caregiver injuries.

The Chair Caddie prolongs a couple's ability to stay in their home longer.